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English (UK) Fluent
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  • English (UK) Fluent
  • English (US) Fluent

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  • Japanese
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New Zealand

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  • Japan


Originally South Korean and due to a rather complicated history over the past 22 years of my life, English has become my Native language over Korean.

Throughout my childhood, I had no interest nor motivation in learning any other languages besides English. Now 22 years of age I thoroughly regret this.

Recently, a spark of motivation within me finally ignited. I realised I wish to communicate with the world, with other people from other places and other races. Ethnically Asian, I also wish to rediscover my roots in a sense. Thus I have created a plan, to learn and become fluent in some of the biggest Asian languages.

My goal by the time I turn 30 is to be able to be fluent in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Looking forward to my time here on HiNative,