Native languages

Dutch Fluent

English (US) Fluent

Country or region they know well
Countries and regions of interest
Japan , Russian Federation , Serbia
Hello everyone! I’m Ahlyae, or Chelsey/Челсия, and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m a partial Serbian, but I don’t speak the language at all.

I’m fluent in Dutch🇳🇱 and English🇺🇸, learn German🇩🇪 and French🇫🇷 at school and Russian🇷🇺 by myself. I’m interested in the following languages: Serbian🇷🇸, Spanish🇪🇸, Japanese 🇯🇵.

At school I also have Latin🇻🇦, of which I am very familiar with its grammar. I’m not a speaker of it, and can’t translate things quickly, especially not without a dictionary, but I can translate Latin (and we will translate original texts after finishing the textbook slightly changed texts)

My hobbies are reading, listening to music, gaming, languages, and sometimes some creative stuff like drawing.