25 Aug 2018

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Question about English (US)

I would appreciate native's correction of my awkward sentences !

In winter when snow flies.
the ant stores food and the grasshoppers beg for the food.
The ant suddenly comes across a ladybug previously invisible.
The ant talks to the ladybug.

Having considered for a long time, the ant suggests doing it together with grasshopper. The poor grasshopper refuses it and struggles. But, with constant persuasion of the ant, the grasshopper reluctantly joins him.

Though stunned by the scene of gambling, the grasshopper, who was shivering, started to enjoy it. It was the ant who actually was nervous.

That way, the grasshopper wins 500 million dollars, a thousand times more than 500 dollars. On seeing this, the ant bets all of his money, 500 dollars in confidence.

The reason the ant screamed was because he blew all the money.
In anger, the ant borrows 500 dollars from his friends, only to gain 5 million dollars debt more. That way, the ant and the grasshopper went home together. After some time the ant meets with the grasshopper.

Despite of the ant's repeated calls, the grasshopper didn't show up.
So, the ant entered the house.
But he finds out that the grasshopper has already gone. That way the ant was kicked off from his friends. The end.

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