28 Aug 2018

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Question about English (US)

I was roaming the joyful streets of Bologna when, suddenly I glimpse a Medieval festival, in which traders were selling some Medieval objects, like ancient Medieval coins, obliterated from our collective thought by now, which I decided to purchase, having a cost of 1€. So, I set about to go to the merchant and when I reach him I take from my deep pocket my wallet, from which I take a 50€ banknote afterward, not having available any other kind of banknote. In the juncture, I give the banknote to the merchant, he watches my a bit thrilled, he swiftly takes the banknote from my cleaned hands, when suddenly he exclaims the following sentence: "I have no rest, here is what I can give you... " and he gives me the banknote back. Regret, as happy, I get out of there with my 50€ banknote and the Medieval coin, a little bit thrilled by the intelligence of the man. does this sound natural?

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