8 Sep 2018

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Question about English (UK)

PLS SHOW ME THE PRONOUNCIATION OF THE FOLLOWING TEXT (I have to read this in front of my class on Thuesday so pls help :()

Someone said, “O.K. for now. We'll carry on the treatment tomorrow night.”
The lumoglobe was picked up. The voices and footsteps went away down the dormitory. Rob's head ached violently. Sleep was far away. Tomorrow night... And the night after? Once they started there seemed no reason why they should ever stop.
He tried to think objectively, though the ache in his head made that difficult. He would be here until school-leaving age, seventeen. Four years. Even if the bullying stopped there were all the other things. No home to go back to, no privacy, no books. The place was bad enough in itself: to get used to it would be even worse. Better being tortured than turning into something like the torturers.

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English (UK)