11 Sep 2018

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Below is my English cover letter to become a cabin crew. Could you please check whether there are any awkward expressions or mistakes?

Dear Hiring Manager at Singapore Airlines


I am a student at OOOOO University majoring in Mathematics and minoring in French literature, expected to graduate in February 2019. By studying Mathematics, I have developed abilities to solving problems fast and composedly. Also, I have raised respect of other cultures through French literature. Having accumulated this calm and respectful attitude, I feel confident that I possess appropriate characteristics to become a brilliant cabin crew.


I can communicate with people of different age groups. The reason that I deal with children and parents well is that I have taught a lot of middle and high school students Mathematics for more than 2 years and counselled them often. In addition to tutoring, I volunteered in Anyang Nursing Home so as to learn to care the elderly.


I am an excellent English and French speaker. I have improved language skills through attending to English Speaking Club and discussing diverse issues with friends. Besides, I have studied French language and culture in my school, constantly.


I will be a great cabin crew, being able to protect passengers as well as myself. I have done Taekwondo for more than a year in order to train my body and mind. I have become healthy and strong enough to work hard.


 • Ability to deal with children and the elderly gained through tutoring and volunteer work

 • Language skills essential for serving people from a variety of countries

 • Physical strength and strong mentality built through Taekwondo


I would greatly appreciate an interview opportunity to discuss with you how I can contribute to your company. Attached resume outlines relevant qualifications I have. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.




My name

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English (UK)

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