13 Sep 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Czy to brzmi naturalnie? It is look natural?
My best friend is Adrian Chrześcian. He's fourteen and he live in Ćmiłów .
He is very tall and so slim. Adrian have got short fair hair, blue eyes and pale complexion. My best friend usually wear jeans, white blouse and hoodie.
He's very cheerfull. Adrian offen tell jokes, aspecialy when he talk with him friens - Dagmara. I have never seen Adi sad.
In my opinion the most cool him quality is gentleness. Aldona Różanek said ''Rośliny potrzebują światła, człowiek ciepła'' that mean: human want to being with another people contrasting with plants. I think this aphorism is just discribing Adrian.
does this sound natural?