27 Sep 2016

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Question about English (US)

This is a quite rudimentary question, but may I ask you the following question?

When surfing the Internet, I occationally wonder when coming across some sentences like:

"The ball IS the same color as...",
"He IS the same age as...,"
"The dog IS the same size as..."

As far as I'm concerned, I myself make it a rule to use:

"The ball HAS the same color as...,"
"He HAS the same age as...,"
"The dog HAS the same size as..."

I still don't understand why IS/ARE is used in place of "HAS/HAVE." Could you give me a good grammatical explanation for that. : ) The way I see it, in the first sentence, whereas "the same color" is nothing but an attribute of "the ball," "the ball" itself is not equal to "the same color."

Thank you.

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