18 Sep 2018

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Question about English (US)

Choosing a career is not always easy and requires some serious thinking. You can be encouraged or discouraged by your parents, teachers or friends. The first questions that you need to ask yourself is «What do I want from my career?» Than you have to ask yourself «What an I good at?» If you do well math and scines ,it may be worth thinking about engineering? Air traffic control or if you are good at arts, think of jobs explain in graphic or industrial design. One more question to answer is «Do I have social skills?” If you get on well with people, you may think about social work,teacher or personal manager. Some professions require a university education. Ask yourself «Will I be able to cope with a long period of study?» If you want to become, for example, a doctor,a lawyer or a teacher, prepare for hard work. So to sum up,you need to thing about you are like,as weel as what the lob is like and what it may give you. does this sound natural?

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