19 Sep 2018

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Dear team members,
In the following I am going to mediate the German article ‘‘Guter Kunde, böser Kunde’’ which was published the 11th of April 2018 and which is about the signification and purpose of buying organic groceries so that you become aware of the difficult situation many consumers find themselves in.
First, we come to know in the article the philosopher Vittorio Hösle, who thinks consuming ethical Products and Capitalism do not match. Because of the fear ruining the earth by buying non-ethical products the many people are interested in buying organic foods and ethically clothing.
A big pitfall, which accrues is that the big labels extract advantages from this situation by acting as if their product f. ex. a T-Shirt is ethical even it is just the cloth and not the production or the shipping. Another problem is that there is not a consistent label which shows if the product is 100% ethical or not. Just in niche stores like Alnatura, HessNatur or Hans Natur can the customer feel certain.
But there are also brands which are suggesting producing ethical products like Marks&Spencer, Otto and BMW even they still manufacture products which are not ethical. Vittorio Hösle thinks the solution of the problem is in the association between the politics and the consumer.
does this sound natural?

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