21 Sep 2018

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My Hometown, a Place to Travel
Situated in the city of Pingxiang of Jiangxi province in China is my hometown, which is characterized by Wugong Mountain---a mountain enjoying a high reputation among the general public. It is a prevalent scenic spot, I deem, deserving your consideration when you plan to travel somewhere, and the justification for it is exemplified below.
My hometown boasts the time-honored mountain, with an assortment of respects worth being highly spoken of. The first aspect is its local dishes such as moldy tofu and bacon. So palatable is the local food itself that you may get yourself overwhelmingly involved in it and it could linger in your mind for quite a few periods. Another facet is naturally its landscape. Wugong Mountain, a mountain with an altitude of approximately 2 kilometers, is worthwhile to pay a visit to in terms of the subtle sounds uttered by flocks of birds echoing around your ears and the magnificent views shared by the huge mountain greeting your eyes, both of which serve the purpose of forming an interwoven association with the nature.
Overall, both the local specialty and the splendid scenery are a testimony to the greatness of my hometown and it is what I cannot live without.

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Simplified Chinese (China)
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