25 Sep 2018

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Hi, can you check my article? It's important to be british english :)


It is said that nowadays it is hard to find people, who could be authorities for teenagers. Some time ago there were some people with an incredible talent but also ethical standards. And now it appears that people, who scored the succes (and fame), do not have any rules or limits. So… who’s example the teenagers could follow to avoid a destruction of humanity?

The fact is, times and lifestyle’s norms are changing.. Something, what is unacceptable for an older person, can be completely normal for a younger. We can not treat the life in the „kiedyś to było, teraz to nie ma”(pl. „Formerly everything was better” - an old Polish saying) way. Despite that, to inspire by someone does not mean to steal someone’s image by doing and thinking everything what this person does. We can f.ex. pattern our style upon person X, our diet upon person Y and our way of writting poems upon person Z.

The development of economy causes enormous possibilities. Thanks to that, whatever are you interested in, you can find there some people who obtained the master level in that branch in the Internet. Unavoidably you admire that people. You realize the way they had to cover to be on the place where you want to be. This type of people usually love to share their passion (knowledge and experience) with others. They give you to understand that "yes, you can do it too, it is possible".

My indisputable for ages dance authority is Galen Hooks. She is a dancer and choreographer from Los Angeles. Her choreographies on YouTube intrigued me by original dance moves, which I have never seen before, precision and perfection of their workmanship and acting during the dance. When I had my first pleasure to take her classes I saw a huge passion in her. While teaching us she was giving us precious piece of advices and remarks which next I analysed and regularly follow correcting the quality of my movement. She is my number one.

To sum up, in our times there are much more people, who could be authorities in varied respects than whenever, mainly thank to the Internet but it is necessary to remember common sense and gain everything best from them.

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