26 Sep 2018

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Affordable travelling is one of the biggest achivements of nowadays. The ability to travel a lot has given us many treasure experiences. We can see the most wonderful things on Earth in the flesh, touch stones of ancient castles, hike the most beautiful places, and of course discover different cultures.

However, travelling hasn`t always been as common as it is today. First, it used to be very difficult to travel long distances as all the planes and ships were mostly used for military proposes. Also, it wasn`t easy to stay in a particular country because the envirinment wasn`t organised for tourists. In addition, many people just could not afford it.

But all this is in the past now. These days we go abroad quite often. And one thing that should be mantioned is the way mass tourism affects countries` invironments. There is no doubt that tourists make the places they visit improve. For example, popular tourists destinations are usually clean and full of various intertaiment. This means that more local people are able to find work. Moreover, travelling improves a state`s economy. On the other hand, sometimes visitors harm by littering or impoliteness to locals.

Anyway, travelling has got a lot of advantages. And this can be said not only about foreign trips but also about travelling our native counrties. Moreover, it`s even easier to explore one`s home counrty as it doesn`t require that much documents and usually is the way much cheaper. Sometimes we think we know everything about our own cutures but actually we hardly ever do. So, travelling one`s homeland can be very exciting and informative, too. Furthermore, you`re sure to help you country`s economy.

In conclusion, it`s very important for us to travel to know this world better and become better ourselves.

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English (UK) English (US)

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