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Today I'm going to tell you about famous organic chemist Nicolay Dmitrievich Zelinskiy, who has written more than 600 treatises, has discovered methods, technologies of synthesis different substanses and of course created a carbon mask.


He was borned on 25th January 1861 in small quiet Moldavian town Tiraspol. There were not theaters, libriries or even a grammar school. Nicolay was belonging to a noble family. His parents have died becouse of tuberculosis early and the boy had been being brought by grandmother.
The Nicolay's grandmother was developing both phisical and mental sides of boy. The biographes of Zelinskiy are thinking what she has evolved in the scientist such characteristics as a high adherence to principles, a responsibility, a modesty, a kindness, a responsiveness, a love of people.
In Spring 1872 Nicolay graduaded from county school and in august 1872 he was accepted in Richelieu's grammar school. He was one of the best students because of his abilities. In high school Zelinskiy became acquainted with chemistry for the first time. It has happend in the same cabinet where 20 years ago Mendeleev was begining his scientific activity.


In 1880 after Zelinskiy gradueded from grammar school he go to natural department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Novorossiysk university. In 1885 Nicolay go to aboard for intership for two years.
He was working in laboratory of Wislicenus in Leipzig and in laboratory of Meyer in Göttingen. In the second laboratory he was sinthesizing tetrahydrothiophene but unexpectedly he got poisoning. Zelinskiy maked intermediate product - dichloroethyl sulfide. In 30 years it was used by Germany army at the Battle of Ypres and became a reason of death thousands of people. In future it will be called as iprit.
In 1888 scientis came back to Odessa and began to teach in university. In 1891 Zelinskiy defended a doctoral dessertation.
In 1893 and before his death he was a professor of Moscow university.


Zelinskiy carried out many of researches, scientical developments. For example summer 1891 Nicolay participated in survey expedition of water of Black Sea and Odessa's limans on the boat "Zaporojets". Zelinskiy proved that hydrogen sulphide has bacterial origin.
In 1918-1919 he created the new method gasoline production which played an important role in providing gasoline to the Soviet state.


The most famous invention of Nicolay was carbon mask. It brought him glory to the world. In June 1915 scientist pondered about using carbon for protection of gases. Zelinskiy had different sorts of carbon and after series of experiments he have understood - carbon is really appropriative way for absorption of toxic gases. In experiments a sulfur was burn in empty room. The concetration of gase was becoming so high that people couldn't came in without mask. So experimentals came in this room with carbon respirators (handkerchief with grainy carbon.
There were many experiments with chlorine and phosgene with men and animals and the most of them were succesful. However members of Experimental commission and the leadership of prince Oldenburgskiy did their best for inhibition of implementation of invention.
Finish design of mask was developed by Zelinskiy and ingener Kummant.
Even after mass use during the First World War an attitude to Zelinskiy was really malevolent.
Zelinskiy hasn't patented his invention. He have considered that he mustn't cash in on people's disasters.


Nicolay Dmitrievich Zelinskiy was married three times and he was living with every wife 25 years old.
Despite the congestion Zelinskiy loved music and theater. He said that invisible bond exists beetween science and art. Zelinskiy conversed with the writer Bunin, the actricess Nejdanova, was familiar with the novice poet Beliy.


On 31 Jule 1953 Zelinskiy died at the age of 92. He was buried in Moskow in Novodevichy cemetery. Name of the scientist has immortalized at the titles of streets (for example my hometown has the street of Zelinskiy), research institutions. House-museum of Zelinskiy was opened In Tiraspol in 1987. The school where Zelinskiy studied has a Memorial plaque and monunent to great scientist in a yard.


Finally I want to lead the words of Zelinskiy because they talk about his personality and character never better:
"Chemistry often gave me the great enjoyment of knowledge unsolved secrets of nature. It afford me the opportunity to serve people, help their job and relieve of suffering or death. It help me to become a man not useless for his homeland".

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English (US)

English (US)
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