26 Sep 2018

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Question about English (US)

I just about missing my flight. First of all, I did not use toll to save money so it took 15 minutes more as usual.
Additionally the long term car park was full and only people booked online in advance were available. Even thought some people guiding to other car parks, since I am not familiar where the car parks are, I lost my way and have driven long way around. So it was getting worse.
I really had my sweating at the time and my mind went crazy.
When I arrive at check in, I should had open my mouse and said “oh my god!!!”.
There were people fully and the waiting lines so long looked it was more 100 meters because tomorrow is holiday. I was quite prostprorating there.
Lucky the airline crew asked me my flight time then, he let me went at the check in counter immediately. Just in time I could can boarding my flight.
does this sound natural?

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