30 Sep 2018

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Please correct my mistakes.

(6)In 1880 after Zelinskiy gradueded from grammar school he go to natural department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Novorossiysk university. In 1885 Nicolay go to aboard for intership for two years.
He was working in laboratory of Wislicenus in Leipzig and in laboratory of Meyer in Göttingen. (7)In the second laboratory he was sinthesizing tetrahydrothiophene but unexpectedly he got poisoning. Zelinskiy maked intermediate product - dichloroethyl sulfide. In 30 years it was used by Germany army at the Battle of Ypres and became a reason of death thousands of people. In future it will be called as iprit.
(8)In 1888 scientis came back to Odessa and began to teach in university. In 1891 Zelinskiy defended a doctoral dessertation.
In 1893 and before his death he was a professor of Moscow university.
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