6 Oct 2016

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Laptop VS Tablet

Tablet is planning to become Laptop. Also,Laptop is planning to become tablet.Nowadays, many electronic products are made throughout the world like laptops, tablets, smart phones, and smart watches. Each product has its pros and cons. So people have to compare them to find which they want to improve their lives.But laptop and tablet is similar from the beginning.

First of all, looking at portability.Both product is focus on carry that made it possible to work at everywhere.For example, sofa, cafe, library. If it is desktop PC, we need find a desk and a outlet. Or use already prepared one.And can’t forget desktop PC is heavy.Basically tablet is thin and light than laptop.Because tablet don’t have keyboard and huge storage.So tablet is more portability than laptop.

Secondly, Operability.Laptop don’t have keyboard like laptop, but laptop’s screen is touch screen.That can operate by one finger.But type feeling is not comfortable than laptop actually. If connect a Physical keyboard by bluetooth it could be better.But tablet’s operation system is designed for touch operation basically.So many shortcut function can’t use at tablet.So from this fact, I can say Laptop is more operability.

Third, is Visibility.Both product have big size monitor.So easier to look at screen than smartphone.And Laptop can zoom one part by finger.This zoom function is flexible than laptop,However how operate by laptop’s keyboard.But some laptop product have a good trackpad.It’s can do totally same things by finger operation.

Let’s think about which product is good for each people. now we know each product has pros and cons.But always make us confuse which one is best from the beginning.But maybe we don’t need confuse anymore.Now,Microsoft publishing 2in1 PC.That can be tablet and laptop.It is really interesting product.Just customize whenever we want.In my opinion, the idea is awesome but Apple’s operation system is better.So I still prefer use apple product actually.And I hope someday new 2in1 product publish from Apple.Or Hope Microsoft improve their operation system like Apple.
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