14 Oct 2018

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Domestic violence is a disaster that tens of thousands of Russian women and children face every day. According to official Russian government statistics, 40% of all crimes are committed within the family. 36,000 women are beaten by their husbands every day. 26,000 children are abused by their parents every year.

“If he beats you, it means he loves you” as one famous Russian proverb says. Russian society supports traditional patriarchal family values, where women’s obedience is a key to a strong happy family and punishment for women and children is described as an essential measure to maintain order. When a woman decides to leave her abuser or report him to the police, often her relatives and friends criticize and disown her. They say that the most important thing is to save the family, even if it demands the woman to suffer abuses. Many women even refuse help.

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English (US)

English (US)
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