14 Oct 2018

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That attitude to domestic violence is the reason because 60-70% of victims do not seek help. Some of them even defend their abusers. 97% of domestic violence cases never end up in court. Victims feel scared and alone, it is very difficult for them to just ask for help or tell somebody about the situation. It seems very dangerous for the victim to leave because the abuser can kill her. 70% of murders through domestic violence are committed after the victim leaves the abuser because for abuser there is nothing to lose.

Fortunately, Russian mentality is slowly beginning to change. At the very least, women are now taking offenders to court. They support each other in court, and they feel confident enough to demand actions from law enforcement.
Rehabilitation centers for victims of domestic violence are opened every year. Many people work hard to draw attention to the problem of a battery within families. Our society must overview the family values and make the step to the future without domestic violence.
does this sound natural?

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