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15 Oct 2018

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Question about English (US)

Hello. My name is Towa. I am from ○○. I live in ○○. I am 18 years old. My birthday is February 17th. I am a freshman. I belong to the faculty of Engineering and specialize in Mechanical Engineering. I have played volleyball for 6 years so I join volleyball circle and sometimes I practice. My hobby is playing games and reading comic books. I bought PlayStation4 last month and recently I have played “MONSTER HUNTER WORLD”, “FORTNITE” with my friends. My favorite comic books are “Detective Conan”, “Attack on Titan”, and “Haikyu”, it’s a volleyball manga. They are very fun. We are a family of four. I have one older brother. He is also a university student. I am shy with new people but I talk to acquaintances well. Thank you for listening.

Are these sentences natural?

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