25 Oct 2018

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I agree with the author’s point of view that it`s thoughtless to hide your truly reflections and to continue doing something that you don`t want to do. Because in this way you waste not only your time but and the time of your half or people around you. It is too often the case when both of couple quickly find another love and get married after a breakup. It indicates that if one is unhappy the other feel it and became unhappy too.
On the other hand I understand when people are afraid to hurt the second person. And I know that there are the situations in which the announcement of the extinct feelings will have no point. For example when one of the lovers is ill and close to death. Or, let`s face it, there are the moments when every woman thinks that she chose the wrong man, but after that she realizes that it`s just a temporary impulse. It`s not the fantastic stories, they really happen sometimes. And in these cases I can agree with the wish not to show your really intentions.
But in the majority of instances there is no necessity to hide something but the risk to ruin some lives.
Anyway it`s a private matter to choose your own way to live just think about whether you have to hide something from your loved one and whether he is really loved if you do it.

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Russian English (US)
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