2 Nov 2018

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In this problem & solution paragraph, do you find any grammatical or semantical errors? can you give a feedback? please

Green Mileage System giving a student plus points for good deeds and minus points for the otherwise raises several issues. Basically, students don't recognize their fault because they aren't punished until got some demerit marks. It also makes students judge their behavior with the points they will get. Second, the system has a labeling effect. After a student gets many demerit marks, it can be denoted in his school record, which has a negative effect on teachers' evaluation to a student. Another problem is that some rules attract students to tell other student's fault on teachers since they can get benefits. Due to these uninstructive aspects, many experts say that if this system doesn't be changed, teachers will have a difficulty in helping students correct their behaviors.

One of the efforts to solve this problem is student rules, which are already implemented in some middle school and high school. In Se-jong high school, Student council makes a new school rule reflecting the opinions of all school members. Students try to keep it voluntarily since they participate in establishing the school rule. When they violate regulations, they get disciplined by doing assignments. In the opinion of Se-jong high school students, they can conform to school rules and admit their fault better because they feel responsibility the promise they made. Educationally, making a students autonomy rules is more effective to improve a student's behaviors. It doesn't connect demeanors of a student to the point but demands that students correct their fault on their own. If we believe that they can control their behaviors and let them participate in making school rules, teachers can guide students appropriately and expect improvements in their behavior.

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