4 Nov 2018

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I am practicing a bit with my new vocabulary, can anybody help me to check these sentences and correct them if it is necessary. Thank you in advance!

The target I have for this year is to pass the CAE test.
This course is targeted just for primary teachers.
The criminals who killed the family were brought to the court with the aim to get a sentence.
I should clean my wardrobe out to get rid off of my old clothes.
This year I cleaned my parents out after paying my enrollment at the University.
After a day at the beach, the skin of my back is shedding.
After training for few months, I am leading now to race my first marathon.
I am worn out after spending the day with my nephews.
After some advices, I am able to run my online shop profitably.
I made a profit after completing different surveys.
The profitable company is expected to exceed the 100.000 millions per year.
It is always said that is really important to give a good impression on the first interview as they can appraise your personality during this time.
People who leave the lights on enrace me.
I did not manage to make out the day well without my secretary.
Constant negative comments does not make for a happy group.
Make off before the police will get you.
I am going to undergo my first scan as I am pregnant now.
I have come to terms with my panic of spiders after been learning more about them.
does this sound natural?

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