5 Nov 2018

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In Korean, there is a hot-potato which about 'Mr. Yang' who asserted his subordinates. People are surprised by his duplicity. Neighbors thought he was kind because he had smiled at them and showed as a good person. However, in his company, he is the owner of the company, he had a bizarre behavior that could not understand. The company employees were afraid of him. It deems that he is abnormal.

Let me think about this news again. Is he a super abnormal person? Is he evil? I ask one question related to it. Don't you have a duplicity inside of you? I agree that he should be punished by his sin. However, at the same time, I warned to a duplicity inside of ours as nature which evolves to an evil. Most people could have a kind of duplicity. No one can live with only goodness or badness. Only God and Evil could live with absolutely that.

I will try to live to be good during my life. I hate to become an evil who tormented others even I had or will have intentionally damage others or not.
does this sound natural?

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