5 Nov 2018

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What does " as she made an impassioned plea, addressing her niece as if she might be watching." (3rd paragraph) mean?

At just past 1 a.m. local time on Oct. 15, a 911 call came in to the sheriff’s office. No one spoke, but muffled shouting could be heard. Police traced the call to Denise Closs’s cellphone, and arrived at the house on Highway 8 four minutes later. They found the front door open and the couple dead. Mr. Closs’s body was in the doorway; his wife’s, inside the house. According to the sheriff, evidence indicated that Jayme was home at the time of the attack, though he would not describe the evidence. When deputies arrived, though, only Jayme’s dog, Molly, was there.
An Amber Alert was issued for Jayme, and in the weeks that have followed, her name has shot to the top of the F.B.I’s missing persons list. The agency has expanded its search nationwide, classifying her as “missing and endangered.” She is not a suspect in the case, according to the sheriff.

“Her body hasn’t been recovered, so there is no reason to say she is not alive,” the sheriff said. “That’s where you build your hope from.”

Jayme likes jazz dancing, ice-skating and volleyball at Riverview Middle School, where she is an eighth grader, social media accounts show. She adores shopping and Starbucks Frappuccinos, her aunt, Jennifer Smith, said during a news conference on Oct. 25. Ms. Smith clutched Molly, the dog, as she made an impassioned plea, addressing her niece as if she might be watching.

“Molly is sleeping in one of your sweatshirts,” her aunt said.

Mr. Closs, 56, and Mrs. Closs, 46, worked at the Jennie-O plant for 27 years, according to an obituary posted on the website of the Rausch and Steel Funeral Home. It read: “James loved the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers and getting into conversations on the ‘glory days’ of his high school sports career. Denise loved working with her flowers, feeding her birds, she loved angels and helping everyone, any way she could.”

Mrs. Closs taught religious school at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in a nearby town, Cameron. “She was the planner for her family, a birthday, or a marriage, she makes everything happen,” said the Rev. Balaraju Policetty, who gave eulogies at the couple’s funeral. “Your heart breaks,” Father Policetty said.

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