16 Oct 2016

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“'Since the middle of the 17th century and up to 1895 Formosa was a part of the Chinese Empire. In 1895 under the Treaty of Shimonoseki China ceded Formosa to Japan. In the Cairo conference in November 1943 the United States, United Kingdom, and China declared it was their 'purpose' that Manchuria, Formosa, and the Pescadores 'shall be restored to the Republic of China'. Thereafter in August 1945 in the Potsdam conference the United States, United Kingdom, and China declared that 'the terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out.' This Potsdam declaration was subsequently adhered to by the U.S.S.R. On September 2, 1945, the Japanese Government, in the instrument of surrender, accepted the provisions of the declaration. The Supreme Allied Commander for the Allied Powers then issued Directive No. 1 under which the Japanese Imperial Headquarters issued General Order No. 1 requiring Japanese commanders in Formosa to surrender to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China. Since September 1945 the United States and the other Allied Powers have accepted the exercise of Chinese authority over the island. In article 2 of the Japanese Peace Treaty, which entered into force April 28, 1952, Japan renounced all 'right, title and claim' to Formosa. Neither this agreement nor any other agreement thereafter has purported to transfer the sovereignty of Formosa to China.

'In giving the historical background of Formosa it has been pointed out that at Cairo the Allies stated it was their purpose to restore Formosa to Chinese sovereignty and at the end of the war the Republic of China received the surrender of Japanese forces in Formosa. It has also been pointed out that under the Japanese Peace Treaty Japan renounced all right, title, and claim to Formosa. However, neither in that treaty nor in any other treaty has there been any definitive cession to China of Formosa. The situation is, then, one where the Allied Powers still have to come to some agreement or treaty with respect to the status of Formosa.

From the foregoing official pronouncements of the Department of State, it appears that the United States recognizes that the provisional capital of the Republic of China has been at Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa) since December 1949; that the Government of the Republic of China exercises authority over the island; that the sovereignty of Formosa has not been transferred to China; and that Formosa is not a part of China as a country, at least not as yet, and not until and unless appropriate treaties are hereafter entered into. Formosa may be said to be a territory or an area occupied and administered by the Government of the Republic of China, but is not officially recognized as being a part of the Republic of China. Expressions of the State Department are drawn with care and circumspection to refrain from such recognition.”
Many Formosans are still struggling with statehood!

Most Formosans were born and raised in "Taiwan", but we have been forced to learn Chinese history and Chinese literature.

Formosans were brainwashed by fake Chinese history as well. KMT-approved textbooks have tended to emphasise/emphasize the glory of the KMT and the ROC. We did not about learn Formosan history in our textbooks.

Brainwashed for over 70 years fool Formosans long enough. We Formosans can only learned part of the truly history about Formosa by English website. New congress in Taiwan need New Formosan congressman and new Formosan president to replace the current textbooks

Formosa(Taiwan) was a colony and thus had the right to self-determination. If you read the documents leading up to the creation of the United Nations as well as the United Nations Charter itself, it is VERY CLEAR that Formosans had (and have) the right to self-determination.

Furthermore, for most of the time of the Manchu Empire ,much or most of Formosa(Taiwan) lay outside their control. They signed a treaty in 1895 to cede Taiwan to Japan. That ended any legal rights that the Manchu Empire or any continuator state may have had to Taiwan.

There was a treaty after the First Sino-Japanese war to confirm a transfer to Japan. It was signed and ratified by diplomats who had presented full powers. There is nothing following WWII that returns it to China.

The Qing Empire ceded Taiwan to Japan. From that moment, it lost any and all rights to Taiwan. The Formosan people have no desire to join China. Of course, China and its supporters can't accept the fact that Formosan people have their own views on this. It isn't agitators from the outside, it is from Formosan people itself.

The delusional Chinese History of Formosa(Taiwan)!

1) The Western part of Formosa(Taiwan)was part of Qing dynasty's colony from 1683 to 1895.
2) In 1895, the Qing Dynasty government ceded 
Taiwan (Formosa) to Japan in the Treaty of 
3) So-called China was ruled by the Qing dynasty from 1644 to 1912.
4) The Republic of China was founded in 1912.
5) Japan gave up the territories/sovereignty of Formosa(Taiwan) & Penghu (Pescadores Islands) in 1951 under the Peace Treaty of San Francisco, which excluded both China(Republic of China & People's Republic of China. )
6) In which International law is it stated that a
former Qing's colony has the right to transfer 
sovereignty over to another former Qing dynasty colony(China)!? 
7) For instance,As the former colonies of the British empire, should Canada be part of Australia or vice versa !?logical or not?

ROC government in exile is illegal in Taiwan as there was no official treaty surrendering Formosa(Taiwan) to ROC,Chinese ignorant. But a treaty has given Taiwan to Japan in 1895. The constitution of ROC has been started in China in 1911 and has been imposed by force on Formosa(Taiwan) & Penghu island.
ROC has been illegally given ROC"nationality" to all Formosans..
Formosans didn't have a chance to say during 40's and 50's about their sovereignty and nationality.
So, just let China belongs to China and Formosa(Taiwan) needs to determine to whom it belongs. And this can be done only by Formosa natives, not Chinese(ROC in exile & PRC)without any doubts!.
does this sound natural?

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