6 Nov 2018

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​‎​‎​‎I tried to write about "Janken".
I'm sorry for writing so long, but I was wondering if you could point unnatural expressions out.

"Janken" is a Japanese tradional popular playing using one hand. There are quite simlar playings all over the world, for example "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in the U.S.
Those playings are played with more than one person, and finally victory or defeat is decided.

Players called out a certain phrase, like"Janken Pon!" ,and then show his or her one hand shaped into any of there shapes, which is rock, paper or scissors.
The rule is that rock wins against scissors ,but loses against paper. In the same way, Paper wins against rock but loses against scissors. It is maybe needless to say about scissors.
When all players show the same shape or all three shapes are shown, they try one more time and then they continue until the winner is decided.

These playings are so easy to play that they can be used for the way to choose one person randomly or decide the person order.
does this sound natural?

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English (US) French (France) Turkish Near fluent