6 Nov 2018

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IIt appears hardly to me to imagine the world without borders. Would it be good if borders disappeared? To my mind, definitely no. The human race would probably lost something unique, significant - its unparalleled cultural diversity of so many nationalities, peoples, tribes in our world.

For example, Austria has a population of about 8 million. China has a population of about one and a half billion. Now imagine of what would happen if one day Austria suddenly opened its borders. Even if 0,5 % of China would migrate, there wouldn’t an Austria culture anymore. So countries need strong borders to protect their own culture and way of life.

Besides, disappearing of borders has nothing to do with the eradication of discrimination. Discrimination won’t vanish at once, I guess it has to take quite a few amounts of time to see real changes here.

However, It would be great if people have the opportunity to travel around the world without getting a visa and other obstacles. But it can be achieved without opening borders.
does this sound natural?

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