17 Nov 2018

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​‎This graph shows the change of Fairtrade revenue in Japan and the UK.
You can see from this graph, in Japan the revenue is extremely low.
Furthermore, each japanese person the annual national purchase price is 79 yen in Japan. This is also a lowest rank in the world. For these reasons, Japan is one of developing country of fair-trade.Promoting fair-trade has merits not only producer but also consumer.
Because it tied be a food safety.
Unfortunately, Japanese people prefer to the price as low as possible and tending to purchase cheaper product.
So, The products which has alot of artificial additives are arranged in many stores.
Consequently, No fair-trade products are assorted in stores and Noone Japanese purchase the fair-trade products.
Fair-trade products pass the heavy check of safety, Following this, it connects protecting environments and our food safety.
Purchase fair-trade product protect producer,consumer,environmental and economy.
does this sound natural?

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