19 Nov 2018

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dust bunnies ***

Definition: little pieces of fluffy dirt under the furniture

dust bunnies = die Wollmäuse, die Staubflocken


As I was performing this task, I noticed that the interior of my PC had collected a fair amount of dust, so I grabbed a can of compressed air and cleaned out all the little DUST BUNNIES.

(ExtremeTech magazine)

Better continuous management of payables, receivables, and inventory, he argues, would go a long way toward minimizing the financial equivalent of giant DUST BUNNIES under the bed…

(CFO magazine)


dust bunnies
noun phrase

- a mass of fine, dry particles of matter, especially hair and skin particles, that is formed by static electricity

(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


Dust bunnies, those little (or large) pieces of grey fluff that swirl around the floor, are a nuisance. They can also be embarrassing, particularly if you've invited the in-laws or your boss over to dinner and didn’t do an adequate job of vacuuming. But does this problem justify a national survey of homeowners? If you live in the U.S., apparently so…

The American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning company commissioned a survey to find out just how serious the dust bunny problem is. Called the Dust Bunny Barometer, the report revealed that (surprise!) 75 percent of those surveyed admitted to having them.

Houses in the cities of Seattle and Pittsburgh are the "dirtiest", with 82 percent of the respondents complaining of an on-going battle with dust bunnies. Sacramento California reported a "mere" 69 percent of homeowners with the problem, making it a healthy location of choice for allergy sufferers.

Is the English here correct?

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