21 Nov 2018

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On the second Sunday of January, I decided to stay indoors cuz it was really windy and snowy outside, to the point that I couldn't see anything at all. It was also surprisingly very quiet,considering that usually ,when I woke up, I would immediately be greeted by the farting of squirrels.So, I took my time stretching out my body in bed, cracking every single bone that I could possibly crack. Then,I noticed a red stain on the left half of my bed, a few millimeters away from my left hand. I was confused and immediately started checking my body to see if maybe I had a would or something; maybe I cut myself or tripped over something at some point yesterday. But I didn't find anything on me, so it must had been something else. The stain seemed to kinda trail off underneath the blanket, which was very weird to me.I slowly pulled the blanket off the bed and what I saw next made my heart leap up into my throat. There was a dismembered trunk of a female with one of her arms stuffed into her....into HER. I could not believe that what I saw was real. I felt something building up inside of me, like boiling water trying to escape its confines. I ran to the toilet, flipped the lid open and hurled all over the inside of the toilet bowl.My eyes started to water. "What? How did that happen? No, it can't be. IT CAN'T BE!" I collapsed onto the floor and curled up into a ball, crying quietly, still not believing that there's a bloody,dismembered corpse on my bed.I must had slept next to it throughout the whole night. "Oh, God! How?", I whimpered, sobbing. Then I wondered what time it was. I got up,slowly,still shaking, rinsed my mouth with some water and flushed the toilet right after I spit the water out into it. "Maybe it's all in my head.Maybe I did a bunch of drugs and am still under the influence.".... does this sound natural?

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