29 Nov 2018

Closed question
Question about English (US)

​‎​‎Today, I want to introduce the good transportation system to you. The name was Uber. This is a kind of taxi and is carried out widely around the world except for Japan and China and so on. I also haven't know until I came here. The way how to use Uber is very easy. First, to download the application and register your name and a credit card. And when you want to call the Uber, you choose share or not and decide from where to where you want to go. Basically, the money is payed by the credit card automatically. So you don't have to care about cheating if you go to other countries for a trip. And because the drivers doesn't belong to the taxi company, the price is cheaper than the normal taxi . Therefore this system causes the sales of taxi companies to get down. And this application has a system that the driver and the passengers evaluate their behavior after getting off the taxi each other. It leads to protect the accidents of taxi does this sound natural?

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