30 Nov 2018

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I wanna practice my writing. This topic is from my head haha :)

What will you do? If you won the first prize in the lottery.

It will be real sad story or happy story.

I can buy everything. So I will spend much money for expensive super car and house that is like a castle unless someone steal my money. And I will give 30% of money for my family. Also I will buy super cars for my best friends.
However, as a matter of fact, I must hire body guards because many strangers will come to me to steal or rob if they know that I got a lot of money. Not only thief or robber but also friends or cousin will try to get my money. I should protect myself. I can’t believe anyone. I will be alone.
In my conclusion, I don’t wanna win the first prize in the lottery. second prize is better for my safe.

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English (US)

English (US)
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