5 Dec 2018

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There are three remarkable moments signed the recent history of the EU:

1.the Schengen Treaty of 1985 allowed the removal of boards between countries, thus granting freedom of people and goods and adopting a common visa policy signed by five EEC member, and in 1990 22 EU countries have signed up to the Schengen area, together with 4 non EU countries (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

2.The economic and monetary union: when the EU had become a strong economic power, in 1999 was created a European common currency, the euro, entered into circulation in 2002.

The adoption of the euro required each country to respect specific parameters, such as budget stability and public debt control.

Enlargement of Eu

There were significant enlargements of the EU, which was able to extend its geographical area, increase commercial exchange and make trade easier for its members.

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