5 Dec 2018

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What does "Democrats are picking up where they left off" mean?

Triumphant California Democrats returned to the state capitol in Sacramento this week with a mandate and a mission: defying President Donald Trump, whose enduring toxicity in the state helped power historic gains in the legislature and Congress.

Two years into a presidency whose policies are anathema to California’s dominant party, Democrats are picking up where they left off: challenging the Trump administration in policy and in rhetoric as they seek to make America’s most populous state apart a counterexample to the dysfunction in D.C.

“Trump has poured more gasoline on the fire,” Assemblyman Rob Bonta said at a press conference denouncing a Trump administration move targeting immigrants. “This is wrong. It is fueled by racism,” and it constitutes “an attack on California’s health and well-being.”

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English (US)

English (US)
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