7 Dec 2018

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Question about English (US)

I've just written my profile and self-introduction here. Can anyone read it and let me know if there are any mistakes? Thank you!

"Hey there, I'm Rin from Tokyo, Japan. I've spent a year in New York long time ago and I can "speak" pretty fluent in English. However, my "reading" skill and vocab are just awful, to be honest. It's so frustrating because I have almost no problem when I talk to English natives though, when it comes with texts, I feel like I'm a mere Jr. high kid... I really hope that I can find some good tutor here, who can correct my English and hopefully I can teach Japanese. Thank you for reading!"

Can I put the link to my Eng blog and ask you guys to correct my posts btw?? Sorry I'm totally new here.

English (US)


English (US)
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