9 Dec 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Without a second thought he plunge into studying the culture with all its idiosyncrasies.

Remember to haggle. Here it's not only possible but accepted. Starting price can be even reduced by 20 times. The whole thing depends on your interpersonal skills.

'I'm done' she thought and stomped angrily out of the hotel.

Neglecting of basic rules of etiquette indicates his disregard to the culture.

Cultural diversity multiculturalism isn't based on the idea that cultural distinctiveness should be eradicated or ignored but cherished.

This seemingly little habit of locals to stay close enough to lick each other's noses put her out of temper.

This trifle was a turning point in their attempt to adapt to the cultural diversity of this unusual country and appreciate its uniqueness..

He couldn't pull himself together because of their another faux pas at the table.

does this sound natural?

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English (UK)
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