11 Dec 2018

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Every day we run into a wall. Personally I usually tend to turn around and run away or give up to go through it. I mean, c'mon, it looks like that life is full of never ending problems, don't you think? It's like if you climbing a hill, you will find a another hill to climb.

Some people are very good at focusing on getting solutions. Some are not, including me. Feelings and emotions are like waves. One day your brain tells you "Just use your capability and try to solve your problems." the other day is like "Just don't try too hard. Lay low for now."

A professor of philosophy once told us at the class, we don't see many things yet. If you could figure out how to climb the tall mountain and reach out of the top, you'd see the view that you'd never seen. It might will change your life completely. However if you don't go any higher, you will never seen the view and you will be the same you forever.

Sorry for mumbling a random stuff. I was just wondering my next move tonight.

Does this essay sound natural to you? I want to say "Life is hard. We have problems everyday. but we shouldn't give up.".I feel like I write things here and there and it might be unnatural and hard to understand the point. If you were me, how would write "Life is hard.". Could you please fix/change my essay?

You can totally change my words, sentences...I tend to use only an easy word. So I'd like to know if you wrote the essay with another words, so I can learn a new words or expressions. (Hope it makes sense.)

Thank you! :)
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