11 Dec 2018

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Collocation with " Have "

have an accident
Mr. Grey had an accident last night but he's OK now.

have an argument
We had an argument about how to fix the car.

have a break
Let's have a break when you finish this exercise.

have a chat
Do you have time to have a chat after the meeting?

have difficulty
The class had difficulty understanding what to do.

have a nightmare
I had a nightmare last night.

have an experience
I had a frightening experience the other day.

have a feeling
I have a feeling that something is wrong.

have fun
I'm sure you'll have fun on the school trip.

have a look
He wanted to have a look at what we were doing.

have a party
Let's have a party at the end of term.

have a problem
If you have a problem, ask the teacher.

have a try
Do you want to have a try on my bicycle?

Is the English here correct?

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