11 Dec 2018

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I translate some lyrics from Korean, please see and correct it in a more natural way.

I'm still on my way with only passion and grit.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, still walk my way with feelings
that I felt when growing up.

When I was a kid, I had nothing, so couldn't help living (being?) lost courage
Though feeling hungry, I have nothing to eat but water.
I had no choice but to steal anything that I saw, please forgive me God.

I still remember the days
and the kid who was looking outside of a window and just sighed.
By me, there were no people who consoled me.
No thanks to it, whatever difficulties, they're nothing.

Although I grow up with small build
I'm big hearted
Them Peeps doubted about my dreams
But i still got it real artist
We don't compromise
Without any compromise, on your head, I signed my name, only 2 words.

Though I earn not less money and got some honor,
Though I sweated the small bucks but earn millions now,
I haven't been changed a bit.
There are only music and dreams in my place.
I am the musician who feel happiest on a stage.
High minded ambition.
Mr Independent still be making my own decisions.
Some people speak ill of me saying I've been changed after earning big money.
I only earn money to freely do my music.

I'm still on my way.

Anyway when it comes to the dream,
nobody believes me,
nobody make my dreams come true,
also, nobody pray for me.
Here are only dickheads who wish my failure.
There seems to be many eyes doubting me.
I've never been hiding, and avoiding the eyes
I've dug only a way to make you see my brilliant success.

Now from the distant countries, people come to Korea to see me.
How dare who can say that I will fall to pieces.
There would be no failure before my death.

Though I'm making my dreams come true,
people around me are losing their dreams.
They just live even they wanted to be dead,
making excuses that they are old and their situations are bad.
Since when showing and representing Hip-Hop become shameful?
When you avoid the dream which you betrayed,
from the first day, I've been protecting my dream behind me alone.
Look who are living better and happier,
before badmouthing me for bragging my luxurious cars.

Let them, who now pretends to be Hip-Hop, know
I'm outchea and I'm living my life.

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