11 Dec 2018

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Dear Sirs,
We transcribing so We might comment, We are planning to prepare a festivity, so We have already purchased some excellent French wine and some other things for a morsel, We might invite entire you, We prepared an enormous banquet, and it shall be exceptional you proceed to in my glorious event.

Firstly, it might pronounce you do have to transport some sodas, so We catechize and therefore We might apologize, and We might demand the transport of your spouse, so it might exceptional they encounter for the first time in this marvellous lunch We prepared for the whole of you.

Secondly, your advert mentions of not coming too tardy, so it might be not a genuine conduct for you, so as We might comment some of the other inverters are really important persons.

Finally, We were expecting to perceive a response from all of you.

Regards Sir Gerard Gil Mateu.
does this sound natural?
Does it sound as a Formal English email?
catechize = ask something?
Sodas = Could tell me a more formal way?

Does it sound natural?

Thank you very much in advance.
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