12 Dec 2018

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Question about Saudi Arabia

Why do we have some Arabic speakers saying dumb things in our sections? And why a lot of them put another mother language in their profile, even if they don't speak it at all. We have a lot of Arabic speakers who want to learn French and who put French as their native language...

Is HiNative very bad translated in Arabic? Or are those guys just stupid?

Just look here:

That's not the first time...Sadly, it happens very often. Some guys from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt etc. come and say things in arabic we can't understand and if we try to translate it, we just see that they want to chat and not to ask anything... it is really boring. Does it happen here too? I wouldn't mind if they used the application correctly, but right now....

Can you write something short to tell them Hinative isn't made for that and that they are flooding other people's questions (which is not really polite)? I would be able to copy/paste it, each time it happens since they don't seem to understand even simple English...

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