12 Dec 2018

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Could you plz correct this?
I translated some lyrics from Korean,

I translated my favorite lyrics and could you please correct it? I sometimes upload my own lyrics and the other singer's lyrics!

Wind is blowing
To my sorrow mind
Empty scenery is blowing

On the way back
After getting my hair cut
I pour my tears well in my eyes all through the day

Sky is getting wet.
Onto the dark path,
Cold rain falls.

Crowding and following me, rains feel like far from me
It feels like it stop already.

World is as same as yesterday,
And time is flowing,
But, only me have changed alone like this.
My empty wishes have been scattered by wind and desperately disappearing

Wind is blowing
In the freezing air
I’m trying to turn back the past

Your looks feel like cold when you stand on the edge of summer
I’m likely to get to know it

The days that have been precious for me
The days when I couldn’t fall asleep
But, the days weren’t different from now for you.

It feels like love is tragic
You aren’t me
Memories are written differently.

My farewell has been finishing without any good bye.
World is as same as yesterday,
Time is flowing,
But only me have been changing alone like this.

The wind which was like thousands of golds for me
The wind which has my memories with love
The wind is blowing on my head

Tear is flowing.

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