12 Dec 2018

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What are the differences between deweloped and less deweloped countries?
「- The first economic category is developed nations, which can generally be categorized as
countries that are more industrialized and have higher per capita income levels.
In addition to having high per capita income and stable population growth rates, developed nations are also characterized by their use of resources. In developed countries, people consume large amounts of natural resources per person and are estimated to consume almost 88% of the world's resources.
The second economic category is developing nations, which is a broad term that includes countries that are less industrialized and have lower per capita income levels.
    The countries which are independent and prosperous are known as Developed Countries. The countries which are facing the beginning of industrialization are called Developing Countries
    In Developed Countries the literacy rate is high, but in Developing Countries illiteracy rate is high.
    Developed Countries have good infrastructure and a better environment in terms of health and safety, which are absent in Developing Countries.
    Developed Countries generate revenue from the industrial sector. Conversely, Developing Countries generate revenue from the service sector.
    In developed countries, the standard of living of people is high, which is moderate in developing countries.
    Resources are effectively and efficiently utilized in developed countries. On the other hand, proper utilization of resources is not done in developing countries.
    In developed countries, the birth rate and death rate are low, whereas in developing countries both the rates are high.」

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