12 Dec 2018

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help please. this is very important.
It was a hot summer day in the garden. All family sat at the table beyond tall apple trees. Members drank tea and told stories.
Suddenly, granma remember that they have a deal. So they went away and two sisters stayed alone. The teenagers had never been alone in the garden. Girls wanted to use a chance, so they decided to climb on the roof of the cottage, because it was their dream since childhood. Adults told that the roof is fragile but actually they didn't let teens because of scaring girls can fall down. Sisters went through the window on the second floor, took some things and sunbathed. It was cool before one girl saw the car next to the gate. They thought it was relative's one Teens was afraiding. One of them quickly went down the stairs while other one threw off stuff from the roof and went down too. They coped so quickly. They felt really proud by themselves. The car turned up stranger's one but sisters knew that together they can do everything.
does this sound natural?

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English (UK)
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