13 Dec 2018

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Today I woke up so hard because last night I was awake till 4 am
In the morning I had a german class, so I had just eaten something quickly and left the house.
In the class I was so sleepy, but did my best to pay attention to my professor.
After that I had an English class, which is so important for me
Yet, my professor thinks the opposite, how ironic! He fired my classmates and I , I really don’t know why !
To be honest, I am sad. He has threatened us before, however, this time he was so serious and I believed that our class is over.
after all, I went home and then my family and I went out for having lunch.
after lunch we went on shopping I have bought a lipstick and an eye cleaner, I have mentioned k was so sleepy so, after I went back at home I have slept for three hours. And then I have studied english

hey there, who can correct my diary daily?
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