15 Dec 2018

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Today, I want to talked about relationship between China and Taiwan. Taiwan  is a region strongly influenced by history. Taiwan has their own government and national flag so we don't know whether Taiwan belong to China or not even now. China government said Taiwan is our country and Taiwan one said we became independent of China. They both speaks same language, Chinese  although my roommates told me we have a different accent each other. The point I realized here is they don't try to get to know each other. Chinese people make Chinese groups and Taiwanese people make Taiwanese groups. But they both are kind toward Japanese especially I felt Taiwanese people like Japanese culture , so they know a lot of Japanese songs or anime. One thing my mother told me and I surprised is that in world history class, the professor said Taiwan is a kind of independent country , then students from China argued with him about this problem a little bit. does this sound natural?

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