16 Dec 2018

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Question about English (US)

Is this correct? Could you tell me where I made a mistakes?
Everything started when I was standing outside and trying to take a closer look to the castle. I still feel a balmy rays of the sun coming through the towers. All I felt then was pleasant sunshines, a little cold breeze coming from a moat and unbridled excitement due to beautiful architecture of the castle. The walls were built with grey stones and almost completely covered in moss and ivy which gave a castle mysterious and fairytale look.
Finally, I went inside through a massive, wooden doors of gate. Everything inside reminded me of fantasy films. A corridors were long and decorated with paintings and crests. Ornate carpets were laying everywhere giving a elaborative look to chamber.
But the most breath-taking was a main bedchamber. A great bed covered with canopy was lit up by a splendid and colorful stained glass window. A big old crystal chandelier was hanging form a celling distracting a light beam. This everything was so arcane that give me a goosies on my arms.
Sadly, my visit to the castle had to end and I had to back to a normal, outside world.

Is this correct?
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