17 Dec 2018

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What is a Misplaced Modifier?

Definition, Examples of Dangling Modifiers

Misplaces modifier definition: A misplaced modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that is separated from the word it describes. As a result, confusing or awkward statements are formed.

What is a Misplaced Modifier?
What does misplaced modifier mean? A misplaced modifier is just that—a modifier (a describer) that is misplaced (separated) from the word it describes. This could mean that the modifier is in the wrong place in the sentence or that the word the modifier should describe is omitted from the sentence.

In English, modifiers are placed immediately before or after the word(s) they describe. When a modifier is misplaced, it becomes difficult to tell which word(s) it describes.

Misplaced Modifier Examples
>>Example with a correctly placed modifier:

*Loud singing annoys you quickly.
Here, it is clear that you are quickly annoyed.

>>Example with a misplaced modifier:

*Loud singing quickly annoys me.
Here, it is unclear if quickly modifies loud singing or if it modifies how fast you are annoyed.

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