18 Dec 2018

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I hate it when a person is puffing their cheeks and blowing during exhale while sleeping.It just drives me insane. Even the sound alone is so jarring and disgusting to hear. It's one thing when they are far away from you in another room.But when they're in the same room with you, oh boy. The main reason I can't stand it is because I believe that the room fills up with the carbon dioxide a person exhales and just the smelly breath in general. It all floats around in the room and even settles on your skin,maybe. And just the idea of breathing what somebody else exhales is repulsive to think about to me.
When that happens, I grab a part of my blanket and start waving it up and down to make the abhorrent odor go away or just open the window and stick my head out to breathe some actual fresh air.
does this sound natural?

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English (US)
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